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An Overview of my Book series

Since 2016 I have illustrated multiple coloring books for adults. My first coloring book is Mein Herbstspaziergang. Following my autumn theme, I have created a dedicated book for each season soon after: winter, summer and spring. Pick your favorite time of the year. Or if you can't decide look into Mein Spaziergang durch die Jahreszeiten. A compilation book, where I personally selected the most popular illustrations into one edition.

My second series is a nature inspired look into the land and water world. The books are called Die Welt unter der Lupe zu Lande and zu Wasser. Here, nature's beauty lies in the details under the magnifying glass. From insects, flora and deep sea wonders, there is lots to discover.

2021 I started a new adventurous serie, a journey through continents. Summarizing my own travel love and experience in europe into a coloring book, that everyone can enjoy.
Meine Reise durch Europa is the first book in the travel inspired tour that waits to come to life with your colors!
And maybe you will find your own country and hometown, recognize places you have visited or discover new ones. All while taking a trip across europe, asia and africa.

See you there!